Moisture Protection

Moisture Protection

Moisture from both external and internal sources can cause damage to buildings therefore moisture protection is a primary consideration.

External moisture source is normally from rain. Internal moisture, usually in the form of humidity, can cause condensation on the surface of the walls as well as inside the wall itself.

Moist walls can allow mould and bacteria to grow, cause surface discolouration and damage to plaster and wall finishes and may generally create an unhealthy environment.

CELCRETE AAC has a structure of small air bubbles evenly distributed throughout the material.

The size of these pores is such that absorption of water into CELCRETE AAC by capillary action is minimal.

This structure enables the material to breathe. It is vapour permeable, enabling atmospheric equilibrium to be maintained, but is, unlike standard concrete, impervious to water.

All buildings must be protected from the influence of external water sources. A breathable plaster and paint system, that will not restrict the “breathing” characteristics of CELCRETE, is recommended.