Celcrete System wins BRANZ appraisal

Celcrete System wins BRANZ appraisal

BRANZ appraisal issued for Celcrete 50MM panel veneer cavity cladding system.

The Celcrete 50 mm Panel Veneer Cavity Cladding System is a cavity-based external wall cladding system for residential and light commercial type buildings where domestic construction techniques are used.

The system consists of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) panels fixed either over timber battens to form a 20 mm or 40 mm cavity when fixed to timber framing, or fixed over EPS battens to form a 20 mm cavity when fixed to steel framing. The coating system consists of a minimum 5 mm thickness of fibreglass mesh reinforced polymer-modified plasters. The plaster system is finished with a 100% acrylic exterior paint system. The top coat plasters can be finished to give different texture appearances.

The system incorporates a primary and secondary means of weather resistance (first and second line of defence) against water penetration by separating the cladding from the external wall framing with a nominal 20 mm or 40 mm drained cavity.

For further information please contact Mark Bryant, Managing Director, Celcrete Cladding Solutions Limited. Tel: 0800 423 527 or click here now.

A copy of this Appraisal is available on our website or by visiting www.branz.co.nz/appraisals and clicking on the title above.